Laval Virtual World : A success story for its first virtual edition with more than 10 000 participants!

Massive Immersive

April 24th marked the end of this year’s edition of Laval Virtual, Laval Virtual World. Facing the threat of the Covid-19, the Laval Virtual organization mobilized itself in order to offer an edition of the trade show to both its regulars as well as its newcomers in spite of the worldwide conditions surrounding the Covid-19.

Massive Immersive had the chance to be part, of the very first completely virtual (and free) international trade show. And this year, it was not just as guest but as official Community Partner of Laval Virtual.

We had the opportunity of moderating the TransVRsal hall for three days, where many and various conferences were being held.

Starting wednesday on the topic of Crosstechnology we shared the presentation of the conferences with Dominique Hazael-Massieux from W3C. On the following afternoon we witnessed presentations on New Technology in company of the author and speaker, Bob Cooney.

On the next day, several lectures on Content Creation were held in the TransVRsal, with Benjamin de Wit, the director and founder of VRDays, being our co-host this time. After that, we had the pleasure of being partnered with Lorelle VanFossen and Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, from Educators in VR to host a session on Education & Training.

Finally for the last day of Laval Virtual World, we had the chance to host several conferences on the theme VR 4 a Cause with the help of Fabien Bénétou, member of UNICEF.

The meetings and exchanges, that we had the chance to have during these three days enabled us to assure that upholding the 2020 edition of Laval Virtual was the right decision.

We would like to thank Laurent Chrétien as well as the other members of the Laval Virtual organization who were involved in setting up Laval Virtual World.

Likewise we would like to thank the moderators (Harriet Bartlett, Maroua El Mokhtari, Valentin Régnier, Ophélie Lévêque and all the others) who allowed the good conduct of this event with us and whom it was a pleasure to work with!

All the lectures from Laval Virtual World are available on Laval Virtual’s YouTube channel, right there 

To find all the participants of our conferences, please go to our LinkedIn profile or on the page of our CEO, James Zopissa.

Once more, thank you Laval Virtual World and see you soon!

Signed, the Massive Immersive Team

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