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Massive Immersive is a consulting firm specialized in integrating virtual, augmented and mixed reality into trainings. (All of these approaches are integrated in XR for eXtended Reality). We help companies integrate immersive technology into training module, from the start until the launch and implementation.

We are convinced that immersive technologies are about to revolution the way people are trained,and that this technology is a real game changer in education and professional training.

We’ll be more than happy to share our vision with you!

If you got any project integrating this tech, feel free to contact us !

Our proposal

XR Consulting

We are here to help you find the best solutions on the market according to your needs and priorities

Project Success Management

We will be pleased to help you turn any immersive training project into a success !

XR Training

we can help you train your staff in order to deliver the best training using immersive technologies ! We have a long history of expertise in this area working with key accounts such as SNCF (French Railways)

VR Studio

we can provide advices to build and implement the place where your VR training modules can be delivered

XR Workshop

general Brainstorm or specific dedicated workshop, we can organise any specific workshop for your business


CES2020 : interview of Nick Cherukuri on the X2 MR Glasses Vision from ThirdEye Gen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH65R8lgaAQ&feature=youtu.be ThirdEye Gen’s glasses are a new product completely hands-free which gives the user information in real time helping him do his work or can even display 3D holograms. The X2 MR Glasses Vision are …

CES2020 : interview of Gautam Goswami on the Teamviewer Pilot feature

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Mhx62oTkM&feature=youtu.be The TeamViewer Pilot is a remote support, using AR to enable people to do things that they have never done by relying on the help of an expert, who can be a thousand miles …

CES2020 : interview of Suin Kim on the Mollisen HAND Gloves

The Mollisen HAND is a glove that makes you feel in real life the sensations from what you’re experiencing at the same time in VR. The asset of this product is the feedbacks that it …

CES2020 : interview of Terry Martin on the Insta ONE R / GO

The ONE R is an action camera with interchangeable lenses including a 4K wide angle lens and a 360 dual lens. The GO is a 20 gram action camera featuring AI to help finding and …


Application in augmented reality, use for improve training session

Design support for training session in virtual reality

Organize workshop on virtual reality

Design and create virtual room

Design new way of training animation

Organization of virtual event



The Team

CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-Founder
XR enthousiaste, Digital & Marketing Management, Partenariats
Tristan PEREZ
CTO & Co-Founder
Tristan PEREZ
CTO & Co-Founder
Chris belizaire
Christophe BELIZAIRE
Christophe BELIZAIRE
Nelson PATTE
Nelson PATTE
Jérémie VARET
COO & Co-Founder
Jérémie VARET
COO & Co-Founder
Romain desvignes

One more thing

Today, what sets us apart, is

Our job fondation :

A proficiency in supporting and piloting business projects, with a management of the digital component (AMOA) and educational engineering. We work in-house, on your premises.

Our XR expertise :

A real enthusiasm for all these innovations which do not stop blooming! As well as an immense respect for all the innovators who keep pushing the experience further and never fail to inspire us!

Our passion for Gaming :

We are all passionate about games at different levels. Games allow you to transmit and convey messages with strong support from the protagonists. And do so while still being fun!

Our open-mindedness :

An approach without prejudice, or a priori, which allows us to adapt to all types of activity fields. Each meeting is an enrichment!

Let's meet up !

You have an idea or a training project in virtual reality or augmented reality?

You do not know very well the actors of this sector or need support in the realization of your project? You want to develop the skills of your collaborators or design your own VR room?

So contact us!

It's your turn!

Do not hesitate to contact us using this form and we will get back to you in less than 2!

You can also write to us directly at hello@massiveimmersive.com or call us on 06 44 67 28 50.

Thanks and see you soon !

The Massive Immersive team.

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