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Shifting from video conferencing to immersive worlds is now possible for everyone, either through a PC or through a virtual reality headset (depending on the group size). Today, you can take advantage of these new immersive technologies to foster online collaboration. Massive Immersive offers a range of services and support for corporate projects in an online format. This includes workshops, team building sessions and virtual seminars in immersive worlds.

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Let yourself be tempted by the experience of virtual worlds and the Metaverse for your seminars! A virtual, fully online, innovative, collaborative, engaging and low-cost format.Un format virtuel, 100% à distance, innovant, collaboratif, engageant et à moindre coût.”


This type of workshop allows your teams to collaboratively reflect on a given issue: the possibilities are endless! Virtual worlds will help make your brainstorming workshops more inclusive and more people-focused.


Let yourself be captivated by team-building games to play in teams in virtual worlds! A virtual, fully online, dynamic, fun, collaborative, motivating and low-cost format.

Un format virtuel, 100% à distance, dynamique, ludique, collaboratif, motivant et à moindre coût.


Designing and implementing a remote virtual event is a complex project, mainly because of the technologies needed to organize it.

With our expertise and know-how recognized by our clients who continue to trust us, we offer to take charge of your project while remaining attentive to your needs and requests.

Our pre-feasibility studies allow us to offer you a quality and tailored service.



Raising virtual reality awareness

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced user or an expert, we can tailor your experience to help you improve your skills in the area of virtual reality. We have a proven track record of hosting VR Clubs & Labs. You will go from young Padawan to Jedi Master in a heartbeat !

Metaverse Awareness Workshop

Do you feel lost when it comes to the Metaverse ? We offer you our expertise to guide and advise you personally on Metaverse-related issues, especially for training purposes. Find out (almost) everything you need to know about blockchains, cryptocurrencies or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Conducting immersive technology workshops

Immersive technologies offer a wide range of opportunities and it is important to discuss them together as early as possible, in order to properly define your challenges. This step is essential to maximize the benefits of your project in the future.

Supporting immersive training projects

That’s it, your project is now ready to be launched! But your (many) other projects probably prevent you from fully focusing on it… No problem: our project managers are here to monitor and manage your project to ensure its success!

Organizing virtual events

It’s great to host seminars using virtual reality… To do that, however, you need a platform and there are a lot of platforms to choose from! Together with our partner Komodal, we can assist you in implementing your dream seminar. Otherwise, we can recommend the most suitable platform for your business.

Immersive technology consulting

Feeling lost in the maze of options in this area? We will act as your personal guide and advisor on both the technology and the innovative teaching methods that are required for such media

(shhh, don’t tell anybody, we have more than 50 different partners in our portfolio).