CES2020 : interview of Rich Walker on the Tactile Telerobot

The Tactile Robot provides a sensitivy of movement comparable to the human hand, which coupled with the gloves allows …

CES2020 : interview of Michele Spry on the Healium solution

Healium provides a solution to deal with stress on a daily basis using wearables, helping the user to relax. …

CES2020 : interview of Marek Polcák on the XTAL

XTAL is the new headset of VRgineers showcased for the first time at the CES2020. This is a product …

CES2020 : interview of Nick Cherukuri on the X2 MR Glasses Vision from ThirdEye Gen

ThirdEye Gen’s glasses are a new product completely hands-free which gives the user information in real time helping him …

CES2020 : interview of Gautam Goswami on the Teamviewer Pilot feature

The TeamViewer Pilot is a remote support, using AR to enable people to do things that they have never …

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