Laval Virtual World : A success story for its first virtual edition with more than 10 000 participants!

April 24th marked the end of this year’s edition of Laval Virtual, Laval Virtual World. Facing the threat of …

CES2020 : interview of Rich Walker on the Tactile Telerobot

The Tactile Robot provides a sensitivy of movement comparable to the human hand, which coupled with the gloves allows …

CES2020 : interview of Michele Spry on the Healium solution

Healium provides a solution to deal with stress on a daily basis using wearables, helping the user to relax. …

CES2020 : interview of Marek Polcák on the XTAL

XTAL is the new headset of VRgineers showcased for the first time at the CES2020. This is a product …

CES2020 : interview of Nick Cherukuri on the X2 MR Glasses Vision from ThirdEye Gen

ThirdEye Gen’s glasses are a new product completely hands-free which gives the user information in real time helping him …

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